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Interest rates tumble for those wanting to build a granny flat

Great news for everyone who has ever thought of building a granny flat!

As featured in the Coffs Coast Advocate on 4th March 2015, local lenders have reduced interest rates for people wanting to build a granny flat, down to as low as 4.50% p.a. CEO of Regional Development Australia, Lorraine Gordon, instigated the Affordable Housing Promotion and  explained that when looking for a granny flat to rent in Port Macquarie, the paper misunderstood the request and posted that she had a granny flat to let and for the next week was inundated with calls from prospective tenants. Lorraine then goes on to say “As a Coffs Coast local I can vouch that it’s the same story here.  The demand exists.  The rental yields on a granny flat are high.  And now that the credit unions and mutuals have come on board, the financial incentive is there for a homeowner-investor”.

Coffs Coast Advocate Article

If you have ever thought of building a granny flat then give us a call today, we can show you designs and provide an obligation free quote encompassing all of your needs.  There is no better time than now!